Melinda Eitzen is very professional, sensitive, caring, and demonstrates that she will obtain results for her clients. She has outstanding skills in collaborative law. I highly endorse Melinda.

Lisa Duffee is uniquely skilled in all areas of family law. Her background in real estate law was an added plus which helped tremendously in my case. Lisa intimately understands how law is applied and interpreted, which gave me enormous confidence and faith throughout my complicated case with her. Glad she was on my side!

Divorce attorneys see you at your weakest, lowest point.  Jodi Bender provided a steady voice of reason in those dark times, giving me a range of options and explaining possible outcomes so that I could make informed choices about how to proceed with my divorce.  She and her staff were responsive to my questions and exceptionally well-prepared, and from the outset, I was confident that I had the best possible representation protecting my daughter’s and my best interests.

Melinda Hartman Eitzen is a master of Zoom mediations!  She has successfully settled several cases for me over Zoom, with very grateful clients.

Representation at its best! Our son was wrongly accused of cheating at his University and was not permitted legal counsel for the in-house proceedings. George Shake worked tirelessly to prepare our son to represent himself effectively. George was able to connect with our introverted son right away and immediately made him feel safe and secure in his abilities to handle this situation. We were faced with an extremely short deadline to prepare and George made himself available at every turn. He responded to calls and emails promptly – – even scheduling time on the weekend for Zoom meetings as needed. Our son was found innocent of these allegations and is able to continue his education seamlessly as a direct result of George’s knowledge of the process, dedication to our case, and heart for a student in need of support. As a 30+ year member of the legal community, I would highly recommend George to anyone in need of counsel in his areas of expertise and have added him to our Firm’s internal referral list as well. We will always be grateful to George for the time he spent and encouragement he provided from beginning to end.

I can not recommend the team at Duffee Eizten enough. They took on my case which was extremely complex. The entire team worked very hard on my case and had the best outcome I could wish for. Each person had compassion for my situation and treated my case with importance. They listened to me and gave me great counsel. I felt I was always heard and they had my best interest at heart. Their integrity and knowledge is surpassed by none. I truly can not say enough nice things about Lisa, Melinda and their team.

Many thanks to Melinda and Lindy for all your help through this difficult process. Couldn’t have done it without her.

I always know with Lisa Duffee that I have a team fighting my battles as they would fight for themselves.

Melinda Eitzen is someone I will NEVER forget both professionally and personally. She is a master of collaborative law. I also liked Frank very much, the “numbers” guy at the firm.

For anyone unfortunately going through the divorce process, I cannot recommend Lisa Duffee and her amazing staff enough. I truly was able to relax during the process knowing that my best interests were Lisa’s priority. She guided, reassured, and consoled me, taking control over a situation that was completely off the rails.

Melinda’s patient approach and overall expertise were critical to a resolution in this matter.

Jodi Bender is knowledgeable, steadfast and compassionate. Jodi represented our special needs child against our school district. Our son now has the services needed to be educated. Many Special Education Attorneys represent the parents,  Jodi represents the child.   Jodi is a champion for special needs kids!

My case had property issues that were skillfully handled by Lisa Duffee. She is truly professional and excellent at what she does. I highly recommend her.

Melinda and her team were fantastic in handling my family law case. Her knowledge of the collaborative process made my particular case go as smoothly as possible. Communication was easy and professional. I would definitely recommend Ms. Eitzen to friends and family.

After a three-year divorce process and facing more post-divorce legal challenges, I changed attorneys and hired Lisa Duffee. In contrast to my prior attorneys, Lisa’s representation was proactively aggressive instead of passive. She pressed for reimbursement of attorney’s fees and succeeded in getting The Court to order my ex-husband to pay the fees. When he defaulted on agreements, she held my ex-husband accountable before the court and did not give him grace, as my prior attorneys had done multiple times.

Very appreciative. This would not have happened without Melinda Eitzen’s expertise, commitment and compassion!

Lisa Duffee listened to me, heard me and acted with conviction on my behalf. She treated me with respect and showed compassion for my situation.

I am so thankful for Melinda and her team. Word of mouth goes a long way and I know who I will be using in the future if the need arises. Thanks again!

Lisa Duffee fought for me. She billed me fairly and restored my belief that competent, client loyal attorneys really did exist and they could represent a client effectively without leaving them financially emaciated.

The support and effort that was put into the resolution of my marriage was humbling. I believe we came to a fair solution for all parties involved and I could not have done it without Melinda Eitzen.

Words can not describe how grateful we are for Jodi Bender. Her expertise, professionalism and compassion during our custody case and subsequent adoption was above and beyond any expectation.  

Lisa Duffee was unfaltering in her care and commitment to me and my legal situation.

Many thanks to Melinda for working so hard on our case. It truly means the world to us. We have finally been blessed with her in our lives, doing the incredible work that she does- changing the way we once viewed attorneys.

After working with Lisa, I now believe my biggest regret regarding my divorce process is that I did not hire Duffee and Eitzen initially.

Melinda is incredible. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet her, and relieved that she represented me.

I never had to hire an attorney until I found myself getting divorced. As a stay home mom with three young children and a unexpected divorce in my lap, I wanted an attorney who would understand the emotional process as well as the legal process. Lisa Duffee and her staff demonstrated extraordinary empathy and attention to detail.

First of all, a heartfelt THANK YOU to George, the paralegals and the rest of the staff for everything. They made this process as easy as possible and I am grateful for the direction and sincerity.

Melinda’s advice was spot on and helped achieve the desired results.

When I consulted with Lisa she was helpful and informed. She gave me great advice up front and along the way. Lisa is a consummate professional with a very warm and personable way about her.

I always felt like my case was important to Melinda.

Going into a lawsuit I didn’t know what to expect. Lisa Duffee provided me with excellent legal service, explaining how things worked and keeping me informed. She did exactly what she said she would do. I felt very cared for throughout the process. I am very happy with the service she provided.

Thanks again for Melinda’s support and terrific negotiating skills during Mediation. It was a very difficult day, but one that I am happy to have behind me. Melinda Eitzen is amazing!

Thanks to Lisa Duffee, a very stressful situation for us was handled efficiently and professionally. The outcome was exactly what we hoped for and also what Lisa had anticipated. We greatly appreciate the personal attention and advice that resolved our legal issue to our satisfaction.

 I have used this firm three times for divorce and related matters. Melinda did a great job every time.

I truly appreciate Lisa. She has been there for me more than once and gotten me through some tough times.

Melinda did a great job navigating me through a difficult and emotional time. She focused on getting a good result without unnecessary expense. She was responsive and accommodating. She timely, thoroughly, and accurately prepared documents and followed up to keep the matter moving forward.

Lisa Duffee’s work is thorough and done with precision. She cares and she listens with undivided attention. Very grateful for everything she did for me. 

Melinda and her team were fantastic in handling my family law case. Her knowledge of the collaborative process made my particular case go as smooth as possible. Communication was easy and professional. I would definitely recommend Ms. Eitzen to friends and family.

Lisa helped me out of what I thought was an impossible situation – the minute I hired her she and her excellent team were dedicated to fighting for me during the divorce. She was responsive, understanding, and efficient every step of the way. I would 100% recommend Lisa and her team.


Everyone I encountered at Duffee+ Eitzen Law Firm was kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. Marianne Howland provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I would recommend the entire law firm without hesitation!

Lisa Duffee was a very knowledgeable, caring and a strong advocate for my best interests throughout my divorce. She was able to explain the divorce process so I was not caught off guard. She has an excellent team of attorneys, paralegals, and experts. Lisa was steadfast in getting the best outcome for me and protecting my assets. I was impressed with her easy-going demeanor and her ability to cut through the garbage without getting distracted. I have recommended Lisa to other friends and will always be grateful for her representing me.

Appreciative of all of Melinda’s help and most of all for her kindness and support.  

Marianne Howland at Duffee + Eitzen is an outstanding attorney. The staff at the firm is professional, prompt and friendly. I can’t recommend them enough.

Divorce can be an ugly thing. Lisa Duffee REALLY knows her law, has a brilliant mind, and excellent people skills. Most importantly – she cares. She is an incredible listener. These things are what a person needs when they are going through the tough transitions of divorce. I’m grateful that she was on my side.

I would recommend Duffee + Eitzen in a heartbeat to anyone considering this life changing event.

Sincere thanks to Melinda Eitzen for all of the support and help.

Melinda has a very special talent, not only as a fine attorney, but also as a fine mediator.

During the painful divorce process, I was able to focus on my children and my own health/happiness, because I KNEW I was in the best hands in Dallas. I can’t thank Lisa Duffee and her team enough for their hard work and dedication to my divorce. The results were amazing and the process smooth and efficient.

Duffee + Eitzen Law Firm handled my divorce. Melinda Eitzen handled my long, frustrating divorce with professionalism that exceeded all of my expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable, both about the law and life. It was a pleasure to work with Melinda and others at the firm through this difficult endeavor. The best things in life are worth paying for, right?

Best family law firm in DFW. I am constantly referring clients to this group. At Duffee + Eitzen they are professional, empathetic to each situation, and will have your back throughout the entire process.

Efficient, thorough, supportive, and affordable. I had interactions with both Marianne Howland and George Shake and recommend both highly.

Lisa Duffee is an excellent attorney with an impressive knowledge of the law. Her real estate legal background was very beneficial to my case. Glad I was in good hands.

Melinda’s patient approach and overall expertise were critical to a resolution in this matter.

Thanks to the best attorney team in DFW.

Melinda Eitzen and George Shake did a good job handling my case.   I felt comfortable with this office from day one and appreciate everything they did for me.  Thank you for a positive outcome.

Just want you to know I am so relieved and so happy. I’ve been doing backflips the whole night. Thank you!

A note to Melinda & the team to express my thanks for all of your hard work, diligence, professionalism, and guidance on my divorce process. I couldn’t have done it without you all.  If only your office was closer, I would bring you a cheesecake in appreciation!

Melinda, at her young and tender age, has achieved legendary status in Texas Family Law. She is supremely competent and highly sought after because she’s good. And, she tends to her clients’ whole universe of needs related to divorce and moving on with life. Her clients and her peers love her – I know because I talk to them and they tell me.

Ms Sheppard was very informative and patient with the whole process and with me the whole time.

Melinda and her staff were knowledgeable and compassionate throughout the process. She helped me to think logically when I wasn’t doing so, and was diligent in representing my interests (and also was very intelligent with respect to the parenting component of the divorce). All the attorneys, paralegals and staff at D+E were very professional and easy to work with. Melinda was also extremely efficient and very reasonable and fair with respect to billing. Hopefully I won’t get divorced again, but if I do Im calling Melinda and D+E!

Marianne and her team were professional. knowledgeable, and responsive. It was a pleasure working with them. I will absolutely hire them again if the need for legal representation arises. I highly recommend. 

I just wanted to thank you for sharing George Shake with us to help us deal with the school to get what our son’s needs. We are glad he is part of your law firm.

Melinda is one of my very FAVORITE mediators – always on my shortlist when selecting a mediator.  She is very creative, empathic, and super smart!

I can tell you from experience: Melinda is an EXCELLENT mediator.

Thank you for all you have done to advance my rights as Connor’s mom. He thanks you too

Melinda and Zak: My mom and I went over the discovery and we both agree y’all did a fantastic job with it. So thank you, I know this time consuming and y’all are worth every penny of your hourly rate!

Just wanted to say thank you and how much I appreciate having competent people in my corner!

George Shake: Thank you for all of your hard work. You truly are the best in the education niche-

Melinda: You were an absolutely fabulous mediator today. My client is a tough customer and she was incredibly impressed with you. I don’t go to mediation that often anymore because my cases are generally either collaborative or I manage to settle them myself. But you are at the very top of my mediator list now. Thank you!

Thanks so much Melinda.  When she asked if I knew a good family law attorney, I said, “No, but if you want a great one, here’s Melinda’s website.”