Collaborative Divorce

Why Collaborative Law Divorce May Be Right For You

Many people face the prospect of divorce with fear, anger, and mixed emotions. Much of it is due to concern over court battles, the belief that they will be taken advantage of, and not knowing what to expect. In many cases, collaborative law divorce is a better approach.

An amicable divorce is better for both spouses. With assistance from your attorney and other professionals, spouses can reach agreements without unnecessary friction and conflict. This will eliminate the need for court action.

When both spouses cooperate in collaborative law divorce, it is also better for the children. Children benefit greatly when their parents cooperate with each other in resolving differences.

When couples divorce, it can be a traumatic experience for their children. While your child may be troubled over his family breaking up, dealing with your divorce in a respectful manner will make it less painful and less confusing for the child. When he sees his parents treating each other respectfully, he will have a sense of security and peace of mind.

Time and expense are additional reasons to consider this approach to divorce. As standard divorce can take a long period of time to resolve, it can take much of your time and money. You can avoid these difficulties when you and your spouse decide to cooperate with each other and settle the divorce with the simplest method.

It is easier for both spouses and their children to look toward the future and move ahead with their lives. Instead of lingering bitterness, everyone can have a sense of satisfaction and hope for the future.

Divorce is never easy, but you can take the approach that is in the best interest of everyone in your family. You can start by contacting Duffee + Eitzen L.L.P for an appointment to discuss collaborative law divorce.