At Duffee + Eitzen, we understand that divorce is emotionally stressful, financially taxing, and physically draining. We will guide you through each step of the divorce process. By taking the time to truly listen and understand the things that are important to you, we will protect what you value most. Whether you have a complex estate or uncontested divorce, we will answer all your questions and educate you about your legal rights, responsibilities, and options.

Children are often heavily impacted by divorce. We strive to minimize the stress you and your children feel during the process while ensuring that your legal rights are protected. It is critical to have the experienced and compassionate attorneys from Duffee + Eitzen on your side.

We recognize that a traditional, litigated divorce is not always in the best interest of your family. At Duffee + Eitzen, we attempt to settle your case out of court in an amicable manner. If your situation necessitates litigation, our lawyers have a wide range of experience and proven trial skills to assist you.

Contact the attorneys at Duffee + Eitzen for an appointment to discuss your options.

Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is never easy, but you can choose from options to ensure the best for everyone in your family. The collaborative process can facilitate a quick transition to a sense of satisfaction and hope for the future, with completely customizable terms to suit your unique circumstances. Contact Duffee + Eitzen for an appointment to discuss collaborative law divorce.

Post Divorce Modification

Changes in circumstances can necessitate the need for a modification to an original court order. Modifications typically address changes such as conservatorship, parental rights, child support, and primary residence. The attorneys at Duffee + Eitzen can facilitate a post-divorce modification to address those needs. Contact Duffee + Eitzen for an appointment to discuss post-divorce modification.


Child custody is one of the most important and emotionally difficult issues in family law. Known as “conservatorship” in the Texas Family Code, child custody issues are often one of the central conflicts parents will face when they separate. Issues typically addressed in a child custody case include the following:

·       Which party will have primary custody and possession of the child(ren)?

·       What are each party’s parental rights and duties, such as the right to make educational and/or medical decisions on behalf of the child(ren)?

·       What is the possession schedule of the child(ren)?

·       Who will pay child support and how much will be paid?

·       In which geographic area will the child(ren) reside?

·       How will parties pay for the expenses of the child(ren)?

Contact Duffee + Eitzen today to discuss your situation and to learn how our attorneys can help you and your family.

Order Enforcement and Contempt Of Court

Once a court order is in place, you may encounter an issue where the other party becomes non-compliant. The attorneys at Duffee + Eitzen are well-versed in enforcement issues. Whether you need to enforce the property division, or the child support outlined in your court order, Duffee + Eitzen can ensure your rights are protected. Contact Duffee + Eitzen to discuss your options and how we can help you.

Complex Property

At Duffee + Eitzen we understand that divorces can be one of the largest and most complicated business deals a person will ever encounter. The attorneys at Duffee + Eitzen have the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary for complex property division cases. We work in partnership with real estate professionals, business valuators, tax professionals, financial planners, forensic accountants, tracing professionals, and appraisers to ensure your interests are protected.  Contact Duffee + Eitzen and let our experienced attorneys handle your complex property issues.

Pre-Nup / Post Pre-Nup

The decision to make a prenuptial agreement can be wise when one party is entering the marriage with considerable assets. Couples who have worked through prenup conversations tend to stay together longer because creating these understandings gives them the communication tools that they might need in the future if/when things are not going well.

A prenuptial agreement (or prenup) is a contract that a couple enters into prior to marriage that outlines all the terms of division of property in the event of divorce. A postnuptial agreement (or postnup) is simply a prenup that is created after the marriage takes place.  Contact Duffee + Eitzen for more information on pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

Grey Divorce

Divorce rates are currently highest among those aged 55 to 64, per the US Census Bureau. “Grey Divorce” is a term coined by AARP and refers to people who get divorced over the age of fifty.

Most “Grey Divorces” happen with couples who have been together over an extended period of time.

Parting ways to start anew can be tough because of merged personal and financial information, making division of assets more complicated. Contact Duffee + Eitzen today for more information about Grey Divorce.


Mediation gives couples the opportunity to resolve their differences and make their own agreements with the assistance of a neutral mediator. Although the mediator is a facilitator rather than a judge or decision-maker, resulting agreements that are signed by both parties and filed with the Court are binding. Melinda H. Eitzen and retired judge Marilea W. Lewis are both experienced mediators. Contact Duffee + Eitzen today for more information about mediation.

Grandparent Rights

Few relationships are as precious as the one between a grandparent and their grandchild.

In Texas, a grandparent does not automatically have the right to visit their grandchild. However, a grandparent may be awarded visitation or custody in certain circumstances if the parent(s) cannot provide a safe, stable home environment. Contact Duffee + Eitzen today for more information about grandparent rights.

School Law

Parents and students have many rights and protections at schools. However, schools do not always honor these rights. Duffee + Eitzen attorney George Shake is one of the few specialized education lawyers in Texas, helping many students and families with issues ranging from special education advocacy, discipline, obtaining records, admission, expulsion, 504 services, truancy, evaluations, ARD meetings, IEP analysis, discrimination, bullying and more.

Many of your rights must be exercised within certain short time limits. Contact Duffee + Eitzen today to make sure you understand your rights and options before meeting with school officials.

Private Judging

If privacy is important to you, using a private judge will keep your case out of the public eye and out of public record, with the advantage of getting resolved faster.

Duffee + Eitzen partner Marilea W. Lewis serves as a Special Judge based on her tenure on the family court bench. Contact Duffee + Eitzen today to schedule an appointment to discuss private judging.