Complex Property

Divorces can be the largest and most complex business deal a person will ever be involved in. Other than children, few things are as important to a person going through a divorce than their assets.

Accurate characterization of property as separate or community property and proper valuation of that property are essential in a divorce case. Often times, to prove, or disprove, a separate property claim, you will have to employ a method known as tracing of assets. Tracing of assets can be a crucial component in protecting your assets.  We know how important it is for you to have your separate property confirmed.  We can appreciate the effort you spent to accumulate your separate property and we know how to help you prove your separate property claims.

Complex property division cases require lawyers with experience, knowledge, and resources. The attorneys at Duffee + Eitzen LLP regularly handle complex property division cases and work with real estate professionals, business valuators, tax professionals, financial planners, accountants, tracing professionals, and appraisers to ensure our clients’ interests are protected and they receive a just and right division of their property.