Education Law

Parents and students have many rights and protections at school. Sometimes, schools do not honor these rights and protections. Our attorneys have helped many students and families with issues ranging from special education advocacy, discipline, obtaining records, admission, expulsion, 504 services, truancy, evaluations, ARD meetings, IEP analysis, discrimination, bullying and much more.

Our clients include students attending public schools, homeschools, and charter schools. We never represent schools. Our attorneys have years of experience working in education administration and special education and now use that knowledge to work to get our clients fast resolutions.

Education issues often involve multiple Federal statutes, Federal regulations, Texas statutes, Texas regulations, and local school board policies. School administrators go through years of training and regularly consult with attorneys when responding to issues at school. Parents and students frequently feel overwhelmed and outmatched when they find themselves at a conference table surrounded by school officials who seem to have predetermined how they want things to turn out.

Many of your rights must be exercised within certain, short time limits. Contact us today to make sure that you understand your rights before you sign them away!