How You Can Benefit from a Family Law Attorney Dallas TX
There are many ways you can benefit from a family law attorney Dallas TX.
One role our attorneys can take is assisting you with a collaborative law divorce. Whenever it is reasonably possible, it is the best approach to divorce. Couples who are able to reach agreements without taking legal action against each other can complete the divorce process with the least amount of pain and stress.
While collaborative law divorce is simpler for most married couples, it is especially useful for couples with children. It is better for children when parents cooperate without anger or bitterness.
We can also assist with child custody and related issues. While collaborative law can be useful in custody issues, if amicable dispute resolution is ineffective or unwise in your particular situation, we can represent you in court. We can help you make decisions and take action that is right for your child.
If you have questions or problems with paternity issues, contact us for a consultation. There are a number of paternity issues that require legal assistance. One of the most common is establishing paternity. When paternity is established, the child’s rights and the parents’ rights are protected. Whether you are the mother or the father, you will learn about your legal obligations.
You may need a lawyer to address grandparent’s rights. While a grandparent does not automatically have visitation rights, a grandparent who already has a healthy relationship with his grandchild can have his request addressed to the court in some circumstances. In some cases, grandparents can obtain custody if they can prove neither parent can properly care for the child.
We can also assist with same sex family law, pre-nup and post-nup agreements, division of property, and custody modifications. Call our family law attorney Dallas TX if you have any family issue requiring advice or legal representation.