Professionalism During Hard Times from a Family Lawyer Fort Worth TX
Divorce is a difficult storm to navigate through as it’s not just a matter of splitting assets. Spouses also divide the accumulated mementos of a few years or a few decades. Children are often involved. Divorce is about real people facing tough times, but if handled right, a professional family lawyer can make the process a little easier.
What to Expect from a Family Lawyer Fort Worth TX
A family can be two people getting married, a married or common-law couple with children, divorced parents seeking a custody agreement, and possibly grandparents pursuing their rights to visit with grandchildren. At Duffee and Eitzen, family is at the center of our flourishing law practice. Areas include pre-nuptial agreements, mediation, same-sex marriage, and grandparents’ rights.
Custody battles are a reality of family law, something they handle delicately but professionally with the benefit of many years of experience. The best case scenario in a divorce case is that two people will split amicably and come to sensible terms about splitting money, the house, and custody of children. Most cases are not easy though: emotions run high. When parents cannot agree about who should have primary custody of their child or children, our family lawyers at Duffee and Eitzen will step between feuding couples to represent one side, meeting the other side’s attorneys in the middle. Few families want to go to court.
Civil Litigation
Settling a case behind the scenes is ideal. When you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on how to arrange matters, the case might have to go to court. Expert legal counsel in the person of a family lawyer Fort Worth TX is willing and able to handle your situation in front of a judge if matters reach that point. Be sure you hire a team with experience in court.