Every child is guaranteed a free and appropriate education. It doesn’t matter if your child has special needs, difficulty in school, or has moved from another area – anything that restricts your child’s ability to learn is an impediment to him or her leading a better life. You don’t have to take everything your school district says lying down – you have the right to fight for your child. That’s where we come in.
The laws concerning childhood education are incredibly complex, and they’re not always as well-understood by educational professionals as parents would hope. Some school districts make bad policies out of ignorance. Others have bad policies because they simply aren’t willing to put the children first. No matter what the reason, it’s important to have the school attorney Dallas TX trusts on your side. With the help of the lawyers at Duffee and Eitzen, you can work towards creating a better learning environment for your child.
The way your child functions in school will have a huge impact on his or her future. Issues as varied as class placement and disciplinary actions can make the difference between a successful educational career and one that doesn’t prepare your child for the future. With overcrowded schools, underfunded administrations and overworked faculties and staffs, it’s no wonder that some children simply aren’t given the education that they deserve by law. We work to ensure that every child gets what is due to him or her, and that every school is required to follow the law.
If you feel your child’s educational rights are being violated, don’t delay – make sure to call the school attorney Dallas TX parents trust. Your child’s education is one of the most important factors in his or her future success. Don’t let bad decisions on the part of a school district put that future in jeopardy.