Schools are vital institutions dedicated to the advancement of individuals and society as a whole. We at Duffee + Eitzen LLP believe that students must receive the full protection of the law to ensure that they can reach their optimum potential. Our experts in education law can help aggrieved parties obtain justice.
School Lawyer Dallas TX
We have attorneys with years of experience in the field of education who can represent you. Tell us about your complaints and we will gladly listen. With our firm providing you with a competent school lawyer, you can be assured of receiving sage advice in matters pertaining to your case. Every aspect of the situation will be thoroughly evaluated. All the options will be presented for your consideration.
Students, Teachers, and Other Educators Have an Ally
Do not feel like you are powerless against the administration. No student should ever fail to be accommodated as their needs require. No teacher or staff should be unfairly dismissed despite meeting contractual obligations. College students should not be unfairly disciplined by universities. Duffee + Eitzen LLP will provide you with a school lawyer Dallas TX locals respect.