Special Education Lawyer Dallas TX Services
Schools must abide by existing state law, regarding equal opportunity for education of each student. However, schools often fail, for a variety of reasons. Discrimination, conserving resources, and poor policy development, are some of the main reasons students with special needs often don’t get necessary services. For parents, the lack of effective services can be frustrating, but, parents have some recourse. When a special education lawyer Dallas TX professional is needed, we at Duffee + Eitzen have the expertise to get results.
Every student within a school district has a right to the best education possible. For students with special needs or developmental disabilities, schools should have separate, well developed programs in place. The programs should include the use of educators trained to work with kids who have special needs. At the same time, children should be included in traditional learning settings, as much as possible.
Many schools will avoid hiring well trained teachers. Parents may be told to send children to different schools. Passing the buck is common in school districts where funds are not set aside for special education services. Parents who have hit a dead end, trying to get appropriate services for a special education child, can call our offices and set up an appointment.
We will discuss the matter with parents and advise on the next steps. We will represent the student and the family in all meetings with school board officials, school administrators, and other district leaders. We are willing to represent a child in court, if schools continue to refuse the services he or she needs. The ‘No Child Left Behind’ legislation is designed to ensure all students get the best education possible. Many children who need special education services can go on to be productive, hard working citizens, but, they must get a solid education first. We can help make that happen. A special education lawyer Dallas TX professional can make sure a child gets the education he or she deserves. We serve families and children in the Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.