Quarantine fatigue or Irreconcilable conflict?

Is it the way that he eats that is causing a headache or the fact that he is eating at all that is the “real” problem?  Is it the way she talks that causes conflict or the fact that she is talking period?  Are the quirks and habits that were once adorable – or at least tolerable – now enough to drive you to think dark and horrible thoughts?  Or, at the very least, thoughts of divorce? Before doing anything rash, it would be advisable to consider the consequences.

Quarantine fatigue is real.  It is a side effect of emotional exhaustion.  People are tired of the endless closings, testing, and fighting that is the result of the pandemic.  Instead of enjoying the time with family, many people are beginning to get restless.  As they do, they begin to examine their daily lives.  This examination may have long-term effects.  It is believed that the divorce rate will increase once things return to the “new normal”.  Unfortunately, many people may mistake quarantine fatigue for irreconcilable conflicts.  Irreconcilable conflicts that destroy the legitimate ends of the marriage are the bases for a Texas “no-fault” divorce.  How do you distinguish between the two?

The age-old recommendation is to examine your life with your spouse compared to your life without him or her. If the comparison leads to the inescapable conclusion that life would be better without the spouse, then divorce could be the answer.  Texas does not require that there be fault in the marriage – such as abuse or adultery; only that there be irreconcilable conflicts.  Those conflicts must destroy the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship.  Simply put, there is no way to continue to live as a married couple because of irreconcilable conflict of personalities.

Divorce is more than just moving out.  If there has been any property acquired during the marriage, it will need to be divided.  That does not mean just real property (a house) but also pots, pans, sheets, towels, etc.  And, it may not be an end to the conflict particularly if there are children. When thinking about divorce when there are children, there needs to be serious consideration given to child support and parenting time.  Divorce, like many things, is not easy.

However, in many cases, divorce is the right decision.  Rather than continuing to harbor resentment and letting animosity build, separating and ending the marriage may result in renewed energy and peace of mind. If divorce seems to be the right course of action for you, we would be happy to help you through the process.  Just be sure you are not the subject of quarantine fatigue because divorce lasts much longer.