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ONE: Treat Your Spouse as a Partner

    • What does that mean related to decision making? Learn how to option develop
      • Throw all the options out there and then narrow down to what’s best for your family.
    • One person should not be the dictator or treat the other like a child or employee
    • Stop trying to control your partner. Ask yourself, “If I can only control my own behavior, what can I do to help the marriage?”

TWO: Prioritize your spouse over your children

    • If all of your focus has been on your children for 20+ years and you’ve let your relationship fizzle, how will it be when the children are grown and gone?

THREE: Remember that a relationship is a work in progress.

    • Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help
    • Healthy relationship are created, not found
    • Go to counseling whether you think you need it or not- “relationship coach”
    • At least once a year
    • Call it marriage coaching if that makes you feel better
    • If you’re stuck on an issue, meet with a marriage coach to help you work through it
    • It’s important to have some dedicated time to focus on that relationship and check in with each other

      FOUR: Practice forgiveness(that doesn’t mean stay in an unhealthy situation)

    • There may be times when your partner makes a mistake, is forgetful, is neglectful, or says or does something hurtful—whether intentionally or unintentionally
    • While it’s okay to be angry, it’s also important to then let go of the anger and move on
    • If you constantly bring up past hurts, it’s difficult to have a mutually loving relationship

FIVE: Take time for yourself

    • It’s normal for couples to have different hobbies, interests and friends. While it’s important to spend quality time with each other, it’s equally important to spend time alone or with friends.
    • By making time for yourselves, you’ll appreciate each other more.