Greetings! I have spent the past week pondering how I can help others at this uniquely challenging time. I have been a mental health professional for most of my adult life and my passion and focus as a therapist and life coach has been Wellness. So I have decided to share a Wellness Moment with you in hopes it will help to bring some balance, positive energy, and constructive coping skills into your lives as you navigate through our current situation and hopefully beyond.

What is Wellness? Simply put Wellness is a choice, a way of life, a process, a balanced channeling of energy. It is the realization and appreciation that everything a person feels, thinks, does, and believes impacts one’s health and wellbeing. It is the balanced integration of our emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual selves.

I am encouraging each of us to be mindful of these 4 aspects of ourselves each day and to be role models for our children, grandchildren and all family members. Below is an example of a balanced day:

Physical dimension: Take care of your body each day through good nutrition, exercise as well as getting good rest and practicing good hygiene. Use your senses by enjoying nature walks, gardening, bird watching or star gazing.

Emotional dimension: Help one another by encouraging conversations around feelings. Create an environment that encourages open communication about fears, frustrations, sadness, anger and joy. Anxiety and depression are created by not having a place to express and process feelings. Take time to ask one another what they need emotionally. Don’t assume what your loved ones needs for we all deal with challenges differently. Take time to journal which is a very constructive way to process feelings.

Intellectual dimension: Keep your thoughts and attitudes positive and constructive. Keep your mind alive by learning new things, pursuing creative ways to express yourself, reading, and listening to how others work though their challenges. Do crossword puzzles, play scrabble, learn how to cook a new recipe.

Spiritual dimension: Take the time each day to honor that which is sacred to you. Practice love, kindness, respect, and compassion. This time is a great opportunity for us all to reflect and know what our core values are and to practice them.

Please forward my messages to those in your life whom you feel can benefit from them. I am available for counseling or life coaching sessions by phone, or other forms of telecommunication and will schedule half-hour sessions or longer if needed at reduced rates that can assist everyone financially at this time. Feel free to email me or contact me by phone or text at 214-232-8175.
 Until next time, Stay Well!

Molly Behannon, M.Ed
Counselor, Life Coach, Consultant, Team Builder, Motivational Speaker, Wellness Specialist
“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”-Ghandi