January is the equivalent of Black Friday around here.

With our noticeable spike in calls, people want to get in ASAP to sign on with our attorneys and initiate their divorce process.

It happens every year, packing enough momentum to warrant a day of honor on the first Monday of the year (National Divorce Day), and an entire month as well, #nationaldivorcemonth. Kid you not.

What drives this Après Holiday phenomenon?

  • For some, holiday togetherness is just too much for a strained relationship.
  • Others are simply delaying divorce proceedings until the new year for the sake of the kids’ holiday season.
  • Still others, when they take time to reflect on where things are and what they want out of life, reach conclusive “aha moments” about their relationship. New Years resolutions require introspection, which is not always easy.
  • Some people come to realizations when catching up with and exchanging thoughts with friends- which can lead to lifestyle analysis during the time off from work.

We get it. It happens. If you need us we are here for you- with offices in Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth and Wichita Falls.

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