Picking Sides
We find it disappointing and amazing how many friends of those divorcing feel like they have to pick sides during a divorce.  Most of the time this behavior is unsolicited.  Also, some church denominations hold the spiritual belief that “divorce is not an option” so people going through a divorce may be disenfranchised from the congregation.  It is an unfortunate side effect that in the midst of one of the most significant losses during a person’s lifetime, people also must experience the loss of their friends, neighbors, in-laws and even church home.
Both spouses need as much support as possible during this time and beyond.  It is important for them to tell friends, neighbors, in-laws, and their church that both of them need their support.
As you go through the divorce process, be aware that you may be forced to say goodbye to the support system that you have had and begin seeking out a new support system.