“It is a new year; time to shine like the stars! This is a wonderful time for reflection, inner growth, and illumination.  Let’s keep in mind that at any moment, we always have the opportunity to choose love or fear. In moments of fear, we must remember the sun-it is always shining, even when clouds may be obscuring it for a while. Like the sun, the One Infinite Power is eternally shining its light upon us, even though clouds of negative thinking might temporarily obscure it. This year, may we continually choose to remember the Light.”      -Louise L. Hay

I invite you to enter 2020 with a clean slate. Remember that nothing in the past has any power to affect what you do now. You are an entirely new person, different from the person you were. This year has never been lived before and you have never had the consciousness you now have. You are setting sail on a great adventure determined only by how grand you are willing to think. This year think big thoughts to create miraculous results.

Greet the New Year with a sense of joyful anticipation. No matter what has happened this year, you have the power to create your next year as you choose.  Devote the New Year to gratitude, blessing, and celebration. Write down what you would like to leave behind and what you would like to take with you. Honor those who have loved and supported you this year by thanking them in your heart and with your words.

Determine that this next year will be the best one ever. It will be what you want it to be, so aim high.

I also invite you to say this New Year’s affirmation aloud at least once a day for the entire month.

  “As I start the year, I focus on moving away from whatever has been holding me back.

        I declare that every negative thought pattern in my consciousness is now being cleared

        out and released. As I fill my mind with new, positive thinking, I take the first steps

        toward my bright future.!”

Happy New Year!  Be Well!


Molly Behannon, M.Ed.
Life Coach, Counselor, Consultant, Team Builder, Motivational Speaker, Wellness Specialist

*Molly will be doing a Wine, Wit and Wisdom Event at the Network Bar on the topic of A New Year, A New You on January 13 from 6:30-8:00, if you would like to attend.*

                                                        “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”-Ghandi