“Today, we’re excited to welcome Melinda Eitzen to the Texas Family Law Insiders podcast. Melinda is a partner at Duffee + Eitzen.

The daughter of a retired Judge, Melinda is in her 27th year of practicing family law. She is a licensed mediator and has spent twenty years practicing collaborative law. She’s co-authored two books: “Divorce The Collaborative Way. Is It The Way For You?” and “Considering Divorce? Critical Things You Need to Know.”

Melinda says she was attracted to collaborative law because “it allows the participants, the husband and wife, to be their higher selves, their best selves…it’s creative and it’s forward looking.” Listen as Melinda gives us an inside look at the practice of collaborative law, including:

  • What types of people make the best candidates for a collaborative divorce
  • What to do when there is an imbalance of power between the parties in a case
  • Who are ‘the neutrals’ in a collaborative case and what are their roles
  • How to become a Credentialed Collaborative Professional
  • And much more”

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Melinda Eitzen | An Inside Look at Divorce The Collaborative Way